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Regional Tournament- Toronto,Canada

June 3-4, 2023
Course Location: Bond Head GC website
Cost: $420.00 (US Dollar)
VGA of America Member Cost: $395.00 (US Dollar)
*Canadian Players $560 (Canadian Dollars)
*All Players need to Register at
Payment After May 21 2023 :$445.00 (US Dollar)
Registration Close on May 21,2023

Friday Night Meet & Greet: Nome Izakaya 7:00 PM website
Saturday Banquet: The One Fusion Cuisine 7:30 PM website
Saturday June 3,2023 Time: 1:00 pm Shotgun South Course
Sunday June 4,2023 Time: 8:30 am Shotgun North Course

  • Venmo:
  • Zelle:
  • EMT (Canadian):
*Once registration has closed, the tournament fee cannot be refunded.

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National Team

United Cup Tournament: Saigon, Vietnam January 12-14, 2024
Individual Criterias:
  • Must Be a VGA Member
  • Minimum Age is 18
  • Amateur Status
  • Must Play 5 rounds VGAoA Tournament (Start From 2022 Championship)
Team Qualifying Criterias: 24 Players
  • October 2022 National Championship: Top 4 Players
  • March 2023 Regional Tournament- Pechanga: Top 3 Players
  • June 2023 Regional Tournament- Toronto: Top 3 Players
  • October 2023 National Tournament - Houston: Top 6 Players

  • Top VGA points 2022-2023- *4 Players
  • Top 5 Rounds (Avg)- *4 Players
  • Captains Pick- TBD
*The next 4 point getters after automatic qualifiers (No1-4)
*The next 4 players with best 5 rounds (avg) after automatic qualifiers(No1-4) and 4 top point getters (No5)

Captain Ban Nguyen Co-Captains:
Advisory Board:

National Championship 2022
  • Vu Tran (West-Utah)
  • Duke Dang (West California)
  • Branden Nguyen (NE-Maryland)
  • Oai Baccam (West California)
Pechanga Regional 2023
  • Michael Riechmann (Central West)
  • Huy Nguyen (West)
  • Mark Tran (West)
  • Tom Chen (West)
  • Provide Hope and Joy
  • Renewing dignity
  • The Tranforming Gift of Mobility
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