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*Once registration has closed June-15, 2024, the tournament fee cannot be refunded.
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2026 National Team Qualification Criteria

Qualification Criteria for 2026 Vietnamese National Team

  1. Individuals must meet the following criteria to be eligible to qualify:

    1. Membership: VGA

    2. Member Age: 18+

    3. Status: Amateur

    4. VGA Tournament Rounds: 5 rounds of sanctioned VGA tournaments

    5. Other: No more than 2 non-Vietnamese players on 2026 Vietnamese National Team

  2. VGA FedEx points used to determine 2026 Vietnamese National Team:

    1. June 2024 Regional

    2. October 2024 Championship

    3. TBD 2025 Regional

    4. TBD 2025 Regional

    5. TBD 2025 Championship

      Automatic Qualification based on FedEx Points:(Based on total FedEx points accrued)

      • Top eight point earners and ties after 2025 Championship automatically qualifies for 2026 Vietnamese National Team

      • If any player automatically qualififed by FedEx points is unable to play in 2026 United Cup, the next highest ranking player FedEx points standing will take his/her place. For FedEx points unable to play, the ninth and tenth players in FedEx points standing will qualify automatically

  3. Qualification based on 2025 Championship

    Players can earn chance to qualify via 2025 Championship through the following tournaments:

    1. June 2024 Regional: Top ten and ties based on aggregate two rounds gross score are qualify to play in 2025 Championship

    2. 2024 Championship: Top ten and ties based on aggregate three rounds gross score are qualify to play in 2025 Championship

    3. TBD 2025 Regional: Top ten and ties based on aggregate two rounds gross score are qualify to play in 2025 Championship

    4. TBD 2025 Regional: Top ten and ties based on aggregate two rounds gross score are qualify to play in 2025 Championship

  4. 2025 Championship

    Top twelve players and ties in 2025 Championship based on aggregate three rounds gross score qualifies for 2026 Vietnamese National Team

    *If one or more players qualify for 2026 Vietnamese National Team by FedEx points and in 2025 Championship, player(s) with the next lowest score(s) from 2025 Champions for 2026 Vietnamese National Team until all 12 allotted spots are filled

  5. Captain's picks: 4 Players

    1. Three from 2025 Championship eligible pool of players

    2. One *Wildcard pick

*Wildcard pick eligibility:

Membership: VGA Member Age: 18+

Status: Amateur Rounds:1 in 2025

Vegas Tour

National Championship in Houston, TX

October 20-22, 2023

2023 National Results

All players 3 Days Scores

Tournament Agenda:

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Course Location:
  • Friday - Tour 18
  • Saturday- Golf Club of Houston
  • Sunday- Wildcat GC

  • Cost: $595.00 (US Dollar)

    • 3 rounds of golf plus lunch for 2 days and closing ceremony on the last day.
    • Tour 18, Golf Club of Houston and Wildcat
    • Thursday Meet/Greet, place TBD
    • Saturday Banquet with entertainment
      Guest: $80.00 p.p. Guest: $80.00 p.p. pre-pay prior to 10/20/23
    • 2 shirts and 1 cap

    • Venmo:
    • Zelle:


    2. Rate: $89.00-$102.00. Hotel Code for the Houston event 'VGA'
    3. address: 6855 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S.
      Houston, Texas 77072

    *Once registration has closed, the tournament fee cannot be refunded.

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Regional Tournament - Toronto, Canada

June 3-4, 2023
Individual Gross
Rank Name
1st Tuan Le (CW)
2nd Quan Vuong (CW)
3rd Dave Nguyen (W)
Champ Net
Rank Name
1st Dave Nguyen (W)
2nd Tuan Le (CW)
3rd Quan Vuong (CW)
Flight A Net Results
Rank Name
1st Aluc Mooc (W)
2nd Adam Nguyen (W)
3rd Phuc Thinh Nguyen (CE)
Flight B Net Results
Rank Name
1st Phong Nguyen (CE)
2nd Noah Nguyen (CW)
3rd Lance Noblejas (NE)
Flight C Net Results
Rank Name
1st Dr Thang Le (CE)
2nd Tin Lieu (NE)
3rd Giang Ung (CE)
Ladies Net Results
Rank Name
1st Hien Tran (CW)
2nd Hien Do (W)
3rd Jin Parks (CE)

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